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The Sisterhood of Women Helping Women

Genre: Animated Short/Comedy
Contest Placement: Quarterfinalist (top 10% of 1200 entries) in the American Gem Short Screenplay Contest of 2007


Logline: A pregnant female fly leaves her philandering husband, and with the help of a spinster firefly, stops a female entomology professor from getting an abortion.


Synopsis: Mrs. Nancy Fly, a compassionate pregnant fly who loves family, naively trusts in her husband Ralph’s fidelity until her spinster firefly friend, Miss Daisy, takes her to visit Ralph’s ten other families.  Confronted with his infidelity, Nancy, scared of leaving, is coaxed by Miss Daisy to find a better life.  They promise to take care of each other and call themselves “The Sisterhood of Women Helping Women.”  Soon they land on the windowsill of Rhonda, a female entomology professor who breaks up with her philandering husband.  Rhonda learns she is pregnant.  Distraught over the loss of her marriage, she calls the abortion clinic to make an appointment to abort the baby.  Nancy and Miss Daisy make a daring and hilarious attempt to stop Rhonda which risks both insects’ lives, and results in Rhonda’s realization that life is sacred.


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