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For the Love of Freedom

Genre: Documentary


Logline: Compelled by love. Driven by duty. And pressed to fight. These were ordinary young men who did extraordinary things for the love of freedom. They were the heroes of World War II.


Synopsis:  “For the Love of Freedom” is a documentary that breathes fresh air into World War II history for today’s generation.  Through interviews of actual WWII veterans, the film enables youth to identify with these veterans: as youths growing up in the Great Depression, as young men enlisting in the military, as men who fought in the war, and as victors glad to return home to a world that they had helped make free again. 


Using stock footage from the 1930’s-40’s, the documentary also weaves these veterans’ stories into the broader picture of WWII, thus making the film a detailed examination of the history of WWII.  As America was thrust into the war after Pearl Harbor was attacked, these men put on their uniforms to fight for freedom.  Over the next four years, young Americans fought and died, from the bitter cold of the Arctic to the warm waters of the Pacific, from the deserts of Northern Africa to the beaches of Normandy.  Many were eager to fight; some only wanted to return home. But they all had this in common: they loved America, and they believed that it was their duty to defend their freedom against an enemy that threatened to take it away.


Director Biographical Note:  Jeffrey Worthington initially started his career as a photographer.  He graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with an Associates of Arts degree in May of 2005.  He developed a keen understanding of teenage audiences by writing and directing short productions for a high school drama team.  Over a four year period, he and the team performed for youth audiences in New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado.  Jeffrey has written, directed, filmed, and edited a number of short film projects.  One of his short films about medical ethics was shown to the Congressional Ethics Committee in 2005.  Jeffrey began developing his goals for the documentary, For the Love of Freedom, in June 2005.


For all information, please contact:

Producer/Director – Jeffrey Worthington
119 Willie Horton Drive
Ruidoso, NM 88345
Tel. 575-937-1361


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